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Long Wind Group, headquartered in Ningbo

, is a joint venture founded by multiple manufacturers and trading company. We are professional both in production and import&export service. Our group have more than 20 years experience of producing Shock Absorber, Ball Joint, Rubber Parts, Clutch Cover, Clutch Disc, C.V.Joint, Cylinders, Belt, Water Pump and so on. The market covers Europe, North America, South America and Africa, with annual sales of more than $20,000,000. Own brands include LWT, SP, and UM obtained high degree of market recognition in Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Africa.

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  • 29/11/22

    What’s Tie Rod End and When Does It...

    Automobile is a wondrous machine, simple but complex. Even the mechanical bits are reduced among electric automobile, there still hundreds of parts that are working together, and all of these parts are playing differe...
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  • 22/11/22

    What Is A CV Joint?

    Generally, we are taking our cars for granted, unless something wrong happened. Then we need to wait for people who professional with car service to explain the problem to us and solved it for us. In this case, it is ...
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  • 16/11/22


    As people’s common knowledge, control arm is an important part of car suspension system. In this case, if your control arm is broken, your car’s work would be highly affected. Based on that, there is a good idea to ch...
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  • 10/11/22

    What is drive shaft

    First of all, it looks like people have many different ideas of what is a “drive shaft”, and many of these ideas are seemed to be conflicting. In this case, we would like to clarify about that. As the definition of Wi...
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  • 01/11/22

    The Role of Timing Belt

    Do you know about timing belt in car? I believe that everyone who drives a car knows that timing belt is a rubber part, the function of the timing belt is timing, to ensure the ignition energy of the engine and the mo...
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